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Restoring and Preserving Your Antique Hardware

As one of Pasadena’s most reputable locksmiths , we ensure that our client’s restoration needs are met in an efficient and effective manner.

Restoration Services

Pasadena Lock Shop offers a large range of restoration services that will help restore old or damaged locks to their original functionality. Our restoration process involves the careful repair and refurbishment of locks to make them work like new again. Our service is particularly useful for antique locks or locks that have sentimental value , as it can preserve their unique features and history while also making them secure once again.

Our restoration service involves a thorough inspection of the lock to identify any damage or wear and tear. We will then disassemble the lock and replace any broken or missing parts. We also clean and polish the lock to restore its original appearance. Once the restoration process is complete, the lock will be tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly and providing the necessary level of security.

We also offer restoration services for entire locking systems, such as those found in historic buildings or homes. This service can involve the restoration of multiple locks and keys, as well as the installation of new locks that match the style and design of the original locking system. This type of restoration work requires a high level of skill and expertise, as we must be able to identify and work with a wide range of locking mechanisms and key types.

Our restoration service is a valuable investment if you are looking to preserve the history and functionality of your locks. By restoring old or damaged locks, you can ensure that your property remains secure while also maintaining the unique character and design of their locks.

Restoration Services

  • Restore old or damaged locks to their original functionality
  • Identify any damage or wear and tear

Restoration Services

  • Stock hard to find Antique Hardware
  • Clean and polish the lock to restore its original appearance

Restoration Services

  • Restore Antique Hardware
  • Restore locks and keys

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