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Maintaining The Safety and Security of Your Home

As one of Pasadena’s most reputable locksmiths , we ensure that our residential client’s security needs are met in an efficient and effective manner.

Resident Services

Pasadena Lock Shop offers a large range of residential services that cater to the homeowners' security needs. Some of the main services we offered are lock installation, lock repair, and lock replacement. Whether a homeowner needs a new lock installed on their front door, a faulty lock repaired, or an old lock replaced, Pasadena Lock Shop can handle the job. We also install deadbolts, smart locks, and other high-security locking systems to ensure the safety of the homeowner and their family.

We also offer key duplication. Homeowners often need spare keys for their family members, neighbors, or house cleaners. Pasadena Lock Shop can quickly duplicate a key and ensure that it works properly in the lock. Additionally, we can provide homeowners with a master key system that allows the homeowner to access all the locks in their home with just one key.

We also help homeowners with emergency lockout situations. If a homeowner accidentally locks themselves out of their home or vehicle, Pasadena Lock Shop can quickly come to their aid and unlock the door without causing any damage. We can also assist with broken key extraction and rekeying services , which is especially important if a homeowner loses their keys or suspects that someone has unauthorized access to their home.

In addition, we provide a security audit of a home and recommend upgrades to existing locks and security systems to improve the overall safety of the property. This can include installing security cameras, motion sensors, and other security devices that deter potential burglars.

We also offer safe installation and maintenance. Homeowners who have valuable items that they want to keep secure can have a safe installed in their home by Pasadena Lock Shop. We will advise on the best type of safe for their needs and ensure that it is installed correctly. Additionally, we can provide regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that the safe remains secure.

We also offer garage door lock installation and repair . Garage doors are a common point of entry for burglars, so having a secure locking system installed is essential. We can install a deadbolt on the garage door or provide a smart lock that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone.

Pasadena Lock Shop’s residential service is essential for homeowners who value the safety and security of their home and family. From lock installation to emergency lockout assistance, we can provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their home is protected by high-quality locking systems.

Residential Services

  • Eviction Services
  • Gates & Iron Work
  • Locks & Lockouts

Residential Services

  • Lock Maintenance
  • Lockout Services
  • High Security Locks

Residential Services

  • Intercom / Access Control
  • Safe Opening
  • Safe Repair
  • Security Systems

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We Can Help You With Your Security Solution

Pasadena Lock Smith offers a variety of services to help  maintain the safety and security of your property. By working with a us, we will ensure that your security needs are met in an efficient and effective manner.